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Mrs. Gregg's Music is one of the best contemporary music academies in the Fort Worth area. As a modern music school, we have been active for many years in Fort Worth. We offer vocal and musical training, compositional pointers, lessons focused on melody and rhythm alike, and more. Get in touch today and we can start discovering your musical talents! To make an appointment or for more information, call us on 8179255118.

Evaluating your skill

During your first lesson, we always analyse the skill level of the students, which allows us to tailor our teaching strategies and techniques. We work closely with students to understand their priorities when it comes to learning about music, and our hours are designed to allow lessons to fit around nearly every schedule. We can also work with you on music theory, providing an in-depth breakdown of the why behind the notes, allowing you to apply this to the genres and instruments of your choice.

Master the basics

Master the basics of piano with our beginners classes! Suitable for novices and early beginners, these adult classes are a fantastic way to learn a new skill in a creative environment, as well as meeting like-minded music fans. Under the guidance of a professional musician, you’ll first master the instrument, learning about hand placement, use of foot pedals and different keys. You’ll then learn to read and play simple pieces, and may even have the opportunity to write some of your own music towards the end of the course.

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